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Our professional training courses, as value-added courses that deliver in forms of highly simulated on-the-job scenarios, gradually become a renowned “post-graduate” subject for fresh graduate students to extend their university footprint into real business world.

DNC Accounting Internship BootCamp

DNC Accounting Boot Camp is designed initially for both in-school students and graduates (at any level) who wish to have an insight of various accounting roles, such as Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Assistant Accountant, Payroll officer and Business Services Accountant.


DNC Management Consulting Boot Camp

More than half the people in top MBA programs and a significant number of college seniors flirt with the idea of becoming a management consultant after graduation.

DNC Finance and Investment Bank Boot Camp

DNC Finance and Investment Bank Boot Camp is delivered by industry experts with more than 20-years experience who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Northern Trust Hedge Funds Services and has been responsible for hiring and mentoring graduates in investment bank for more than 10 years.

DNC Graduate Program Bootcamp

Brain storming&Real insider disclosure explains real simulation AC day training from online application,to OT, AC day Each session will give you special training 1000 page insider question bank disclosure, interview experience summary, OT Question Bank Gifts Accurately target Australian, Chinese Spring, Autumn and Summer Interns.


DNC Business Data Analyst Program

DNC Business Data analyst Program is a 48-hour course that provides comprehensive information about data analyzing and mainly concentrates on data modelling and visualization with Excel and Tableau products, which is designed for both in-school students and graduates who are interested in analytical roles in Investment Banking, Management Consulting and Big 4 Firms, etc.

DNC Australia local workplace boost camp

DNC 2020 WorkplaceBoost Camp was officially launched in March to help Chinese students build 4 core competitiveness in the international workplace, and achieve simultaneous improvement in personal self-confidence, Australian workplace image building, business communication skills and workplace social media operations.


DNC Professional Career Development Program

DNC Professional Career Development Program is designed for both students and graduates, which help trainees obtain comprehensive understanding about employers’ needs and strong job-hunting skills.


DNC IT Software Engineering Bootcamp

Restore a real IT industry that you don’t know, help you position yourself and find the best starting point in the workplace. The project also contains IT skills commercialization, workplace simulation and project practice are just to enhance your professional skills and make you stand out. 

Why Choose DNC Courses


DNC Group is a leading, diversified Australian career consulting & recruitment services provider, with integrated training and career solution capacities.


We have 10 years’ experience in the career solution and Asian talents recruitment service industry and an unmatched reputation for delivering superior products and services across our businesses.

Global Strategy

Principally located in Australia’s 2 key cities of Sydney, Melbourne, DNC Group was founded in 2008 and stepped into Hangzhou, Beijing with 3 brands, DNC Consulting, DNC Recruitment and MyCareer.