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DNC Business Data Analyst Program

Course Code: DNC2019BDA

DNC Business Data analyst Program is a 48-hour course that provides comprehensive information about data analyzing and mainly concentrates on data modelling and visualization with Excel and Tableau products, which is designed for both in-school students and graduates who are interested in analytical roles in Investment Banking, Management Consulting and Big 4 Firms, etc. 

Course Details

DNC Business Data Analyst Program- 48 HOURS Intense Course

This 48-hour program provides comprehensive information about data modelling and data visualization through the application of Excel and Tableau products as well as practical cases study. After completion of this course, students can well develop their data modelling and analysis skills to gain an advantage in their future career development.
DNC Business Data Analyst Program is designed for both in-school students and graduates who are interested in analytical role hunting, such as financial analyst, commercial analyst, corporate development (in-house M&A), private equity, corporate strategy (in-house consulting), financial planning and analysis, funds management, etc.

Course Content
  • Day 1 & Day 2 & Day 3 Advanced Excel & VBA Practical Cases Study

Data Manipulation/Lookups functions/Scenario functions/Data Handling Techniques/ PivotTables/Macro, etc.
Advanced Excel Techniques/ VBA Practical Cases Study, etc.

  • Day 4 & Day 5 Excel Modelling

Manipulate and cleanse raw data sets to produce meaningful analysis to allow for modelling and forecasting.
Learn the basic structure of an excel/financial model from inputs to calculations to final output result.
Learn professional model standards and see examples of actual models and data sets in practice.
Build financial model with the ability to flex various assumptions.
Build various scenarios in the model to examine various possibilities and outcomes.
Develop financial and commercial literacy to analyse model outputs and data.
Create simple excel charts to summarise model output data.
Work through case studies where students utilise learned data analysis and financial modelling skills to solve business issues.

  • Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8 Data Visualization–Tableau

Building dashboard and design principles
Adding interactivity to dashboard
Optimising for desktop, tablet and mobile
Agile/Scrum Methodology
Creating calculations in Tableau
Presenting data
Creating a story in Tableau
Real work case study and practice

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