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DNC Financial and Investment Bank Boot Camp

Course Code: DNC2019FIB

Investment banks, funds, private placements, venture capital, insurance, banks. If you are studying business, these may be your future employment goals, but what role do these financial institutions play in the financial market system and what functions they perform every day? As graduates, where should you start, how to get employed, how to interview, how to choose your career direction? DNC Financial Investment bank Boot Camp is here to solve these problems for you.

Course Details

Course Overview

DNC Financial Boot Camp Course Subjects&case study training
• Fund Management
• Investment Bank
• Insurance
• Commercial Bank

Part-time local brokerage internship – three months (student visa available)
• Forex&CFD trading training and combat
• Applying economic theory, economic indicators for forex, stocks, futures and other market analysis
• Master the trading principles and the management of trading psychology
• Marketing and customer tracking services
• Institutional and individual customer analysis and expansion

Full-time local medium and large financial institution internship – three months full time (requires work visa,
Additional charge)

• Local bank, investment bank, pension company, wealth management company and fund company internship

Tutor Line-up

Our financial practice mentors are from the world’s top investment banks, private equity funds, venture capital, top consulting companies and insurance companies. We use practical work cases to lead students to understand the financial market system and understand investment banking, asset management, commercial banks, insurance. The role of various institutions in the financial system, and where to graduate, should start from the financial market.

Paul S
Partner – AVARI Capital Investment
Former Managing Director – Pacific Equity Partners
Former Head of M&A – Daiwa SMBC Europe
Former GC Structured Finance – Merrill Lynch
Currently a partner of AVARI Capital Partners, a local Australian private equity fund, responsible for fund operations and institutional investment docking. Managing Director of Pacific Equity Partners, one of Australia’s largest private equity funds, has over 20 years of industry experience in capital trial production operations, investment banking systems, private equity investments, and institutional finance.

William W
Associate – Oaktree Capital Management
Consultant – McKinsey & Company London
After graduation of Graduate Program, he entered the McKinsey Management Consultant in London through the Graduate Program. He then jumped into the US private equity fund Oaktree as an analyst, responsible for private equity investment in mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions, etc. in the Asia-Pacific region. He is good at financial market analysis, fixed assets, commercial assets and other investment analysis.

Alan L
Partner & Chief Investment Officer – AVARI Capital Partners (FUM AUD $1.2Billion)
AVARI Capital Partners Founder, Chief Investment Officer, Australian Financial Service License holder, led the team to bring investors more than the market average high return fund products for five consecutive years, and has deep industry experience for Equity marketing trading, alternative investments The company currently manages $1.2 billion in assets and continues to grow rapidly.

Dane P
Senior Wealth Management Adviser – Calnan Flack
Forer Director – Infinitas Asset Management
Former Client Service Manager- BT Financial Group
Former Portfolio Manager – Grange Securities
Over 15 years of experience in the financial management industry, former account manager of BT Financial Group, Australia’s largest financial management group, later created the fund company Infinitas Asset Management and managed more than 500 million Australian dollars of assets, including institutional investors and high net worth clients.

Judy C
Manager – Ernst & Young Sydney
Former Head of RM, Strategy – Munich Re
Former Senior Manager P&C Actuarial -PwC
Deputy Chief Financial Officer- Ping An Insurance Group
He used to be the financial controller of Ping An Insurance Group of China, and later entered the insurance department of PwC and Munich Insurance Company. He has more than 20 years of industry experience in the insurance industry in China and Australia.

Wainnie W
APAC Senior Deal Desk- Adobe
Former Investment Manager- MINTH Group

Camilla W
Former Associate Director- Institutional Banking & Markets- Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
CFA Level 3 Licensee, currently a Senior Manager of the Adobe M&A Group. In 2009, he received a master’s degree from Macquarie University Applied Finance. After graduating from university, he worked at KPMG in Auditing. He participated in IPO projects including several companies such as Yurun Group and audit projects including several listed companies including Sinopec. He once founded the “Wayne Blog”, which tracked and analyzed the Chinese bull market at the time, and also contributed to the Shanghai Securities News, with a securities analysis column.

Course Content Part 1 Australian Funds Management Industry

Australia has the largest fund management industry in Asia, the sixth largest in the world, with a huge volume of $2.8 trillion. The asset management industry is a booming financial sector in the Asia Pacific region, and the demand for talents in asset management is increasing year by year. This chapter mainly covers several major areas of asset management and employment direction. It presents the specific operations and employment directions of all aspects of the asset management industry in the form of real deal, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, equity investment funds and other fields. Practical case operation.

Session 1: Overview of Funds Management & Investment Framework – 3 hours
• What do managed funds do?
• Different asset classes the funds management and the key differences
• The basic of investment
• Different styles of investments
• How does the economic system work?
• Why do asset prices go up and down?

Session 2: Investment Management

Fixed income funds – 3 hours
• Individual security analysis
• How to construct a fixed income portfolio
• How to manage the portfolio
• Case study

Property Funds – 6 hours
• Deal analysis
• How to conduct researches on private deals
• Due Diligence process
• Transaction management
• Asset management
• Case Study

Equity Funds – 6 hours
• Individual stock analysis
• Trading vs investing
• Value vs growth investment
• How to manage the equity portfolio
• Case study

Session 1: Overview of Private Equity/Hedge Funds & Key players in the industry & Recruitment Process – 3 hours

What do private equity and hedge funds do?
• Who are the main stakeholders (e.g., LP’s, GP’s, investors)? 
• How do they make profit?
• What is the difference between a private equity fund vs a hedge fund vs a managed public fund?
• How does Australian funds compare with competitors globally?

Private Equity
• Traditional leveraged buyout firms (KKR, Blackstone)
• Growth private equity (Atlantic)
• Distressed private equity (Oaktree)
• Consumer (L Catterton)
• Venture Capital (Sequoia, Airtree)
• Australian mid-cap (PEP, Archer, Champ, Quadrant)
• Real estate (Brookfield, Mapletree)
• Infrastructure (Brookfield)

Hedge Funds
• Long-short equity (Point72, Magallen, Platinum)
• Macro focused, not very big in Australia (Bridgewater)
• Private credit (Goldman Sachs SSG, Bain Cap Credit, HPS)
• Distressed debt (Oaktree, Apollo)

The investment process
• Finding a deal
• Investment screening
• Due diligence process
           Financial due diligence
           Commercial due diligence
           Legal due diligence
• Leveraged buyout model – what is it, why is valuation important, tips and tricks
• Investment committee presentation
• Documentation and execution
• Difference vs hedge funds

Recruitment process
• What is the recruitment process?
• Profiles and experience required
• What can you do to start preparing yourself as a student?

Session 2: How to think through a good investment vs a bad investment – 3 hours (1-hour overview, 2-hour case study)
• What makes a good investment?
• How do you think about commercial aspects?
• Why is pricing and returns important?
• How do you determine leverage amounts?
• Example investment case study

Course Content Part 2 Investment Bank &IBD

The DNC investment banking project has been polished and carefully designed over the years, divided into multiple levels and chapters, multi-dimensional learning and understanding of the structure of investment banks, management models, and investment banking practitioners, and from multiple perspectives to large investment banks, down to the operation and management of small financial institutions. The curriculum design is closely linked and closely linked to corporate investment mergers and acquisitions, investment financing, asset management, and business etiquette and soft power that must be mastered both inside and outside the investment banking community. At the same time, it expounds the role of capital allocation and risk control in investment M&A, asset management and fund foreign exchange transactions, opening a door for students who are committed to investing in investment banking.

• What Does investment bank do
• What is IBD and how to get into IBD as a graduate
• What is ECM, DCM, S&T, M&A, IPO
• Global bulge investment bank functions, key players and career ladder

• What is IPO and what role IPO play in the capital raising market
• Global overview of IPO markets and key players
• How to find a job in IPO
• Case study

Session 1: Mergers and Acquisition Business in Investment Banking Division and Corporations – 3 hours

• M&A roles skillset requirements
• M&A process and business
• Shortlist appropriate acquisition targets for your client or sell the targets to your client
• Investment planning and analysis

Session 2: M&A and Valuation Modelling and Client Pitching – 6 hours

In this class, and with the assistance from the trainer, students will learn how to build an M&A model with multi-facet focuses. An understanding of interconnections within the model will be taught and exercised, a completed model will be worked out in class and brought to the real-world roles.
• Build and interpret an M&A model
• Investment Banking Sell Side Pitching
• Real world Case Study
• Business Presentation
• Sell Side Analyst Pitching in a Group

Overview and Key Industry Players & Wealth Management Products – 3 hours
• Platforms
• Fund Managers
• Financial Planners/Advisers
• Accountants/Family Offices
• Regulators
• Investors (Retail/Wholesale)
• Managed Funds
• ETFs
• Managed Accounts
• Direct Shares
• Term Deposits
• Life Insurance
• Estate Planning
• Aged Care

Inside a Funds Management Business – 3 hours
• Portfolio Managers/Investment Committee
• Research Team
• Fund Administration
• Sales/Business Development
• Compliance & Risk

Learning Outcome – Case Study – Invitation to Pitch for a $10m mandate from a Family Office. Demonstrate the importance of the story behind the investment process being more important than historical performance

Managed Accounts 3 hours (1 hour overview, 2 hours case study)
• What is a Managed Account?
• Types of Managed Accounts eg IMA, SMA, UMA etc, emphasize SMA as the main industry product
• Industry data (reference Morgan Stanley research report on the industry & growth trends)
• Managed Account Platforms
• Managed Account Fund Managers

Learning outcome – Case study – design an SMA and pitch it to a Managed Account Platform Investment committee

Financial Advice 3 hours (1 hour review, 2 hours case study)
• The Financial Advice Process
• Discovery Meeting – Understand client need
• Fact Find
• Statement of Advice
• Implementation
• Ongoing Advice

Case Study – Present a client scenario and have the students make some summary recommendations based on their assessment of the client situation. Don’t limit to one product outcome, students can assess the client’s need for:
• Investment management advice
• Superannuation/SMSF
• Insurance
• Estate Planning
• Etc

Course Content Part 3 Insurance Industry and how to get a job as a graduate

Whether you are studying finance, actuarial, or economics, the insurance industry is undoubtedly a big industry, but students don’t understand the role and employment opportunities of the insurance industry in the financial system. For example, AXA, Zurich, China Life, Berkshire Hathaway, etc. are among the world’s top insurance companies. These are not only providing insurance services, but more importantly, in the field of financial investment, insurance companies have also played a very important role, so they have a deep understanding of employment in the industry. Thresholds and industry divisions are an integral part of the insurance industry.

Preamble & Overview of Insurance Industry
• Function of Insurance
• Principle of Insurance
• Principle of Risk Management
• Origin of Insurance
• Food Chain
• Insurance Company Set up
• Type of Insurance
• Regulators
• Service Providers

Learning Outcomes – Be able to describe the roles & functions of key industry participants

Career Opportunities
• Australian and Chinese Insurance Markets
• Regulators
• Insurance Market Land Scapes
• Professional Associations
• Insurance Company Organization Structure
• Hot Topics
• Case study – HIH bankruptcy

Learning Outcomes – Understand roles and hierarchies of various departments in the insurance company

• Insurance Terminologies
• Accountant vs Actuary
• Actuarial Reserves
       o What
       o Why
       o When
       o Who
       o How
• Insurance data analytics exercises

Learning Outcome – Understand insurance operation through various data analytics exercise. Adaptions of frequently used EXCEL functions.

Understand the importance of actuarial reserves in insurance operation
• Purpose of Reinsurance
• Type of Reinsurance
• Reinsurance players
• Differences between insurers and reinsurers

Learning outcome – Understand reinsurance functions and markets

Course Content Part 4 Commercial bank overview and how to get a job as a graduate

SECTION 1 – 3 hours

• Discussion on Internships and Graduate Programs and Camilla’s experience in both programs

• Lending products and the Five C’s of Credit

• Commercial Lending Case Study/Example

• Role as Commercial/Corporate Analyst

• Transaction Banking products

• Transaction Banking/CommBiz Online Banking Case Study/Example

• Role as Account Manager

SECTION 2 – 3 hours

• Trade products

• Foreign Exchange products

• Identifying Client Needs/Role as FX Dealer

• Calculation of Cross FX rates

• CommBiz Markets, online FX platform

• Renminbi: CNH and CNY

• Trade and FX Case Study/Example

• Career Pathways in Commercial Banking.

• Questions I was asked for the Internship and Graduate Programs.

• How to get the role you want and stand out from your competitors.

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