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DNC Graduate Program Bootcamp

Course Code: DNC2019GP

Brain storming&Real insider disclosure explains real simulation AC day training from online application, to OT, AC day Each session will give you special training 1000 page insider question bank disclosure, interview experience summary, OT Question Bank Gifts Accurately target Australian, Chinese Spring, Autumn and Summer Interns.

Course Details

Day 1(6 hours)

Introducing the instructor and introducing the management plan, including qualifications and procedures (1 hour)

  1. Tutor introduction
  2. Introduction of the international large company Guan Peisheng system
  3. Why should Guan Peisheng be the first choice for graduation employment?
  4. How to study the main business of different companies in different industries? Why should apply for the main business?
  5. What kind of company can you apply for under what conditions?
  6. Are you a student or a graduate? What can students apply for? What is the graduate suitable for?
  7. How to apply for a Guan Peisheng project without PR in Australia

How to prepare to apply for GP, Including banks, the four major accountants

  1. Channels and opening dates for graduates from major companies
  2. How to complete the online application, how to answer the online application question, what is the selection criteria for the online application, how to avoid the trap and successfully enter the shortlist
  3. What should I do after the online application?

Main Process

Online test: (2 hours) Network test

  1. What network measurement system and test questions do different companies use? SHL, CEB,Chanlder and so on (Include different provider system answering methods and practice library)
  2. How to prepare for network testing, what is the selection criteria for network testing, and what is the probability of not passing?
  3. Sample questions and exercises (including a large number of questions)

Video interview: (2 hours)

  1. Different types of video interviews (different providers)
  2. How to prepare and practice?
  3. Most common questions and recommended templates
  4. Important contributors to a successful video interview
  5. Mock test
Day 2(6 hours)

Assessment centre: (6 hours)

  1. What is the assessment centre and what does it consist of?
  2. Most common activities involved at an assessment centre
  3. General rules at an assessment centre
  4. Group activities
    1. What to expect in group activities?
    2. Major selection criteria during group activities
    3. Dos and Don’ts
    4. What if you have terrible group members?
  1. Panel/manager/partner interview
    1. What to expect in a panel/manager/partner interview?
    2. Essential methods you must master to answer common behavioural interview questions
    3. Important contributors to winning assessors’ favour
  1. Individual presentation
    1. Understand ‘presentation’
    2. Important contributors to a successful short presentation
  1. Assessment centre simulation
Day 3 & 4 - Simulated tube Pearson application practice(12 hours)
  1. Online application simulation and feedback
  2. Video interview Practice and feedback
  3. Assessment centre day Practice and feedback
  4. Resume template bonus
  5. Interview question bank bonus

Case Study 1:A学员

Macquarie Asset Management

Case Study 2:G学员

BNP Paribas

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