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DNC Software Engineering Bootcamp

Course Code: DNC2019IT

Restore a real IT industry that you don’t know, help you position yourself and find the best starting point in the workplace. The project also contains IT skills commercialization, workplace simulation and project practice are just to enhance your professional skills and make you stand out. 

Course Details

IT Professional Skills Training

IT Stream Skills Training [JS,JAVA,.NET, Data, etc.] 21 hours,3 hours each lesson

  • Technical core knowledge points, industrial understanding of basic technologies
  • Interview key core knowledge
  • Design Principles and Patterns, Knowledge Points for Solving Interview Problems
  • Mainstream development framework in the actual operation of the project
  • Combined with actual operation Code Practice
  • Simulating real business projects

 Software Engineering Skills & Best Practices  6 hours3 hours each lesson

  • Source Code Management Entry, framework, process, key knowledge points and specific operating procedures
  • CI-CD, framework, architecture, use cases, practical procedures, project application
  • Test and Logging application operations
  • Infrastructure, cloud, security applications
  • Web Service, Learn about the various API and WS developments
Technical Interview

IT Technical Interview 3 hours, each lesson

  1. Several different types of technical interviews
  2. How to deal with Code Test
  3. How to answer technical interview questions
  4. About live program
  5. About site design
  6. How to deal with problems you can’t answer
Career Coaching Training

Start training camp, 3 hours

  1. Introducing the entire course
  2. A comprehensive understanding of the job market in the IT industry
  3. Immersed in a position daily work life, Understand the position needs technical skills and soft skills
  4. Combine self-advantages to find career positioning
  5. Get an overview of the recruitment process for companies in various industries
  6. Learn about recruiter, look at the interview from another angle

Resume and Cover Letter 2 times, 3 hours each lesson

  1. Design a job priority list and create a resume version
  2. Tailored and guided to modify the resume/CL/email
  3. Master delivery channels and processes, and effectively deliver
  4. Effective tracking after delivery, subsequent exposure

Interview skills + mock interviews 2 times, 3 hours each lesson

  1. Learn more about the interview process and the types of questions
  2. Comprehensive interview preparation (mind and technology)
  3. Detailed interviews (Phone, F2F, Assessment Centre, Panel/Final)
  4. Accurate and clear English expression
  5. Real-world mock interviews, targeted feedback and opportunities for improvement

Interpersonal network construction, 1 hour

  1. Operate professional social networking platform and expand professional development with headhunting
  2. Common problems in professional socializing

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