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Our professional training courses, as value-added courses that deliver in forms of highly simulated on-the-job scenarios, gradually become a renowned “post-graduate” subject for fresh graduate students to extend their university footprint into real business world.

DNC Accounting Boot Camp

DNC Accounting Boot Camp is designed initially for both in-school students and graduates (at any level) who wish to have an insight of various accounting roles, such as Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Assistant Accountant, Payroll officer and Business Services Accountant. The 2018 version of the product contains the new “Big 4 series workshops” (Big 4 Auditing and Big 4 Graduation Program) which provides …

DNC IBD Elite 360 Program

DNC Investment Banking Program was introduced in 2013 and has been ungraded to DNC IBD Elite 360 Program since 2017. This program continuously earns great reputation within the industry and its popularity keeps mounting. Each year, the program sent around 100 trainees to various financial institutes in Australia and China for internship, and more than half of them secured their permanent positions within the firms after the internship.

DNC Management Consulting Boot Camp

More than half the people in top MBA programs and a significant number of college seniors flirt with the idea of becoming a management consultant after graduation. It’s a high-paying, high-profile field that offers students the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility right out of school and quickly learn a great deal about the business world.

Big Data Modeling

This course provide comprehensive information about business intelligence work process and mainly focus on data modeling with relevant Microsoft BI products. After completion of this course, students can have comprehensive understanding nature and process of business intelligence work and well develop their data modeling and analysis skills and techniques to gain advantage in their future career, both in career development and analytical role hunting, such as business analyst, commercial analyst, reporting analyst or business intelligence developer.

Individual Tailored Coaching-Management Consulting

The DNC Individual Tailored Coaching Program-Management Consulting would allow students to benefit from ongoing individualised support during the application and recruitment stages. It is an on-demand 1-on-1 coaching with experienced management consultants that can be scheduled flexibly around the needs of the candidates.

DNC Professional Career Development Program

DNC Professional Career Development Program is designed for both students and graduates, which help trainees obtain comprehensive understanding about employers’ needs and strong job-hunting skills.

Why Choose DNC Courses


DNC Group is a leading, diversified Australian career consulting & recruitment services provider, with integrated training and career solution capacities.


We have 10 years’ experience in the career solution and Asian talents recruitment service industry and an unmatched reputation for delivering superior products and services across our businesses.

Global Strategy

Principally located in Australia’s 2 key cities of Sydney, Melbourne, DNC Group was founded in 2008 and stepped into Hangzhou, Beijing with 3 brands, DNC Consulting, DNC Recruitment and MyCareer.