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2016 Consulting Forum



Management consulting jobs have proven tracked record attracting high profiled candidates and are highly sought after by talents. Regardless of the type of degrees, consulting industry opens its door to ambitious candidates from extensive major of studies including but not limited to IT, Engineering, Business, Medical, Mining, Civil Engineering, Law, Management and Human Resources, and offers top quality of training and career development pathway leading to management roles such as CEO, CFO and directors.

If you haven’t made up your mind on your career plans, or you feel confused about your goals to step into consulting field, this will be your platinum opportunity to attend the Forum, and let the consulting giants unveil the industry and resolve your queries.

咨询行业一直都是高精尖人才争相角逐的行业。不管你是IT ,工程,商科,医学,矿业,土木,法律,管理,人事, 只要你有志进入此行业, 大门都为你敞开。

咨询公司培养出的人才会相继进入各行各业,成为CEO ,Director 等高管型人才。对于顶级人才,最好的training ground 莫过于咨询公司,所以如果你为自己将来的职业发展迷茫的时候,不如来听听咨询界的大咖们讲一讲进入这个行业的方法和途径以及你的职业发展。

本次论坛,来自于咨询界顶级公司Bain|贝恩McKinsey|麦肯锡 L.E.K|艾意凯的3位资深高管,将带你走进真正咨询界,为你打开通往新世界的职业大门!




L.E.K Consulting – Partner

Bain & Company – Principal

Director with Zenith Strategy Associates

Cambridge University- Master of Economics

London Business School- MBA with Distinction




Unvorsum Consulting – Managing Director

McKinsey & Company – Management Consultant

A member of the Global Executive team of Fitness First

University of Auckland- BCOM honors in Economics and Finance




Bain & Company – Senior Consultant

Financial Management Association of Australia – President

University of Sydney





新南威尔士大学 财务策划硕士



Financial Planning Student Group发言人




Andrew Presentation Topic:

1. Self-introduction and Management consulting industry introduction

2. Graduate career path and personal development

3. Different firms’ preference in terms of students majors and degrees

4. Is there a target school for Graduate intake in Australia, top firms graduates intake procedures and requirements, do they take international students?

5. Global top management consulting firm’s performance in China and do Australia graduates have advantage going back China

6. As a university student what should they do to prepare them get into the industry after graduation?


Miwah Presentation Topic:

1. How did I get into McKinsey and my life in McKinsey

2. What makes McKinsey different compare to other competitors and how should you choose between different firms

3. What did I gain from working with senior management

4. What’s the difference between investment banks and consulting firms (From MQ bank to McKinsey)

5. As a female working in this industry , do I face more challenges?


Meena Presentation topic:

1. How did I get into Bain & Co and my life in Bain

2. Bain &Co working culture and personal development for their employees

3. As a young graduate how did I become a management consultant

4. Bain &Co ‘s graduate intake procedures and how should you prepare

5. Case study demonstration





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