DNC Bootcamp

Financial and Investment Bank

Investment banks, funds, private placements, venture capital, insurance, banks. If you are studying business, these may be your future employment goals, but what role do these financial institutions play in the financial market system and what functions they perform every day? As graduates, where should you start, how to get employed, how to interview, how to choose your career direction? DNC Financial Investment bank Boot Camp is here to solve these problems for you.

DNC Bootcamp

Accounting + Internship

DNC Accounting Internship Boot Camp is designed initially for both in-school students and graduates (at any level) who wish to have an insight of various accounting roles, such as Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Assistant Accountant, Payroll officer and Business Services Accountant.

DNC Bootcamp

Graduate Program

Brainstorming & Real insider disclosure explains real simulation AC day training from an online application to OT, AC day. Each session will give you special training 1000 page insider question bank disclosure, interview experience summary, OT Question Bank Gifts Accurately target Australian, Chinese Spring, Autumn and Summer Interns.

About DNC Career Consulting

A non-accredited training and consulting provider, specialized in accounting, finance and management consulting training, career planning, recruitments services, job seeker coaching, internships and networking platforms services, we serve graduate students and win comprehensive market recognition. Our professional training courses, as value-added courses that deliver in forms of highly simulated on-the-job scenarios, gradually become a renowned “post-graduate” subject for fresh graduate students to extend their university footprint into the real business world.