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Sri Lanka Volunteer Program

DNC has launched the global volunteer program since 2016. Over the past two years, numerous young volunteers have joined our life-changing programs in Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan (China). Apart from working with overseas NGOs to provide help for local people and experiencing various culture, it is also a great opportunity for you to realize your passions, propel your learning, establish friendships and open your horizon.


a) Orientation

DNC offers elaborate professional training sessions for volunteers prior to the program, which includes Ice Breaking, Public Speaking, Leadership Skill, Professional CV and Cover Letter, Interview Skill, Preparation for Global Volunteer Experience and its effect on Career Development, Career Plan and practice.

b) Volunteer Program

  • Establish comprehensive understanding about the significance and spirit of global volunteer program
  • Improve your general abilities and competitiveness
  • Enhance your communication skills, leadership
  • Explore local culture, customs and life style

c) Internship or full-time positions offered by DNC

DNC volunteers who had outstanding performance during the program will have the opportunity to earn an internship or full-time position in finance companies either in Australia or China after completing the program.

Please contact us for more detailed information!